About Banjie



   Banjie Getsinger Nicholas   Bio.


Banjie Getsinger Nicholas lived much of her life in rural northwest Connecticut until moving to Port Clyde, Maine where she has summered and vacationed since her teenage years. Nature has been the strongest influence in her life and art since early childhood. Her years of observation of birds, plants and insects formed the foundation of what excites her as an artist today. This excitement has been rejuvenated by the move to coastal Maine and a whole new world of exploration.  

Egg tempera and silverpoint have long been her mediums of choice but explorations into carbon pencil and casein are reflected in her newer work. 

Banjie is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and has certificates in Botanical and Natural Science Illustration from the New York Botanical Garden. She has taught botanical painting and drawing, silverpoint, egg tempera painting and an ongoing weekly class, The Naturalist’s Studio. She is the author and illustrator of a book on silverpoint drawing for beginners titled Silver Linings.