About Banjie

   Banjie Getsinger Nicholas  ~ Bio.


Banjie Getsinger Nicholas lived most of her life in rural northwest Connecticut prior to becoming a rural Maine resident in 2017. Nature has been the strongest influence in her life and art since early childhood.  During those years her observation of birds, plants and insects formed the foundation of what excites her as an artist today.

Egg tempera painting and silverpoint drawing are her chosen mediums for interpreting the great strength and fragility of the natural world as she sees it. Banjie particularly enjoys using materials in their most natural state. Her silverpoint drawings in clamshells best illustrate this. The shell is hand selected from a beach by the artist and the drawing is done with a thin silver wire. Banjie’s egg tempera paintings and silverpoint drawings are created on a traditional gesso ground made from rabbitskin glue and marble dust. These medieval materials combined with mixing her paint from dry pigments and fresh egg yolk enhance her engagement with the process behind the work.

For over 20 years Banjie was a wild bird rehabilitator with state and federal permits. This work provided rare insights and experiences with birds, which continues to inform much of her work as an artist. Birds, feathers, nests and eggs have become elements of her personal iconography for interpreting her ideas.

Banjie has earned certificates in Botanical Illustration and Natural Science Illustration from the New York Botanical Garden and is a graduate of the University of Connecticut. As a final project toward her bachelor’s degree she wrote and illustrated a book titled Feathered Guests based on her years of work as a licensed wild bird rehabilitator.

Banjie has taught botanical painting and drawing, silverpoint, egg tempera painting and an ongoing class titled The Naturalist’s Studio since 2004.

In 2012 she published a ‘how-to’ book on silverpoint drawing for beginners titled Silver Linings.